Yung Joc Says Lowering $5K-A-Month Child Support Led To Child Abandonment Arrest: ‘The Mother Got Mad’

Yung Joc was arrested on child abandonment charges on May 5, as previously reported. The Atlanta rapper/reality TV star spent less than an hour behind bars at Gwinnett County Jail after posting a $1,300 bond.

While the exact nature of his child abandonment charge was unclear at the time — sparking speculation on social media — Yung Joc clarified the situation on his Streetz Morning Takeover radio show on Monday (May 9).

The former Bad Boy signee claimed he had actually been going above and beyond with his child support payments — which amounted to $5,000 per month — until one day he decided to decrease the payments in order to save for his wedding. (Joc married Kendra Robinson last November.)

“I had been paying so much money up ahead because I didn’t want no smoke,” he explained. “Once I realized like, ‘You know what? I don’t have to pay you this much money. I’m about to get married. I gotta take my time and put finances toward my wedding’ … Now, the mother got mad and felt like, ‘No, you supposed to keep paying me this.’”

Yung Joc Arrested On Child Abandonment Charges

Yung Joc revealed he and his baby mother (whose identity he kept a secret) had never formally established his child support payments. Despite offering her $1,500 as a Christmas gift, the woman and her attorney claimed it “wasn’t enough” and decided to pursue child abandonment charges, unbeknownst to the rapper.

“So while my attorney and her attorney are going back and forth to establish [my payments], they put this out on me,” he continued. “I didn’t even know I had a warrant. So here I am, just living my life casually, still paying child support, and suddenly they put out this child abandonment warrant because they didn’t want to accept the $1,500.

“So when I go to court, this gonna have to be reversed! It’s gonna have to be taken off my record because there was no point in time when there was any abandonment. There was no point in time where there was no child support.”

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Yung Joc also detailed his May 5 arrest, claiming police never read him his Miranda rights when they put him in handcuffs.

“I was actually sponsoring an event for the mayor of South Fulton and I was going home to get dressed, and police pulled me,” he said. “He ain’t say nothing, he just walked up to the car. I’m sitting here like, ‘Well, whatchu pull me over for?’ He never said nothing. I rolled down the passenger window, the female officer said, ‘Yep, that’s him.’ I’m like, ‘What?’

“Then he came to the driver door and he was like, ‘So I’ma ask you to get out the car.’ I’m like, ‘Aiight.’ Then he just put handcuffs on me. Then he was like, ‘You might have a warrant.’ That’s it, that’s all he said! He put me in the back of the police car and he drove me out.”

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