YOUNGGU’s ‘On Hut’ Video Comments Turned Off Following Accusations Of Copying CJ’s ‘Whoopty’

THAILAND – The rollout to YOUNGGU’s latest album, TRAP KING, is turning out to be bumpy.

The Thai trap musician and self-proclaimed pioneer of trap in the country is getting some backlash from fans following the music video release of “On Hut,” featuring YOUNG J and YUNGZU, the latest single off his newly released album.

Local hip hop platform HIP-HOP CULTURE TH noted that the video’s comment section was turned off following accusations of copying American rapper CJ’s hit 2020 drill track, “Whoopty.” Not only that, but fans also took the track as a diss to fellow Thai rapper 1MILL. “If you’re going to diss, make it better, YOUNGGU. I don’t respect you,” one Instagram user commented in Thai on HIP-HOP CULTURE’s post.

YOUNGGU, or “On Hut” producers PXCOYO and BEATBYSIN27 have yet to respond.

Fans have also flocked to the video teaser released the day before to draw similarities between “On Hut” and “Whoopty,” and commented about the perceived 1MILL diss. It didn’t help that “On Hut” (อ่อนหัด) translates to “Suck,” “Fool,” or “Noob,” according to HIP-HOP CULTURE, which 1MILL’s fans didn’t take kindly. One user wrote, “เพลงไม่มีเนื้อหาอะไรเลย yg ทั้งเพลงร้องวนอยู่นั่นแหละ trap king อะไร แร็ปหรือบ่น ถ้าไม่มีคนอื่นมา feat เหมือนฟังคนบ่นคำก็เอามาใส่มั่ว,” (which roughly translates to, “The song has no content at all.. the whole song is sung in a loop. What ‘trap king,’” and describes that the song is a mess.) The rumored beef started last month, when both rappers unfollowed each other on Instagram for an unknown reason.

Both 1MILL and YOUNGGU released their sophomore albums last week. 1MILL’s Playboi Carti-inspired NGU 2 features collaborations with American rappers Yak Gotti and Lil Gotit. YOUNGGU’s TRAP KING, meanwhile, is a star-studded local event, with high-profile features from SARANFIIXDDIAMOND MQT, Twopee Southside, GIMCHI, chin, Name Mt, Bozo, Yungzu, Gavin D, NTC Youngwerkk, PAE ARAK, Tiger, and Young J.

YOUNGGU Reclaims ‘Trap King’ Title In Thailand With Much-Awaited Sophomore Album ‘TRAP KING’

Watch “On Hut” below and listen for yourself:

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