YK Osiris Adds Hilarious Dance Moves To Jacquees’ ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ Rendition

Jacquees had another viral moment the other day when he performed a rendition of the national anthem at the Los Angeles Lakers game. Social media had a field day with the performance and it looks like YK Osiris is getting in on the fun.

On Thursday (December 9), YK Osiris took to his Instagram page with a post of him dancing to a remix of Jacquees’ version of the “Star-Spangled Banner.” At this point, YK Osiris is having the time of his life providing people with content for social media.

YK stands next to his car as the song plays in the background and causes him to move his shoulders in a way similar to the brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi do during their stroll routines.

“Bro wtf is wrong with me , not going lie that shit hitting hard on god,” YK wrote in the caption.

Jacquees saw the video and called YK Osiris ugly for trying to create a social media moment at his expense.

“Uglaaaah boy,” Jacquees wrote.

YK may be looking to get a collaboration the same way Hitmaka thinks he is doing with Drake. The producer recently took to his Instagram Story to explain why he thinks YK is doing all these outlandish things for Drake.

Hitmaka Believes YK Osiris’ Drake Antics Are All A Ploy To Secure 6 God Collab

“YK Osirs [sic] proving that u really can’t put a price on a Drake feat. We all laughing now but when he pop out fuk round and have a ‘No Guidance’ I’m laughing but I ain’t mad,” he wrote, referencing Chris Brown’s 8x platinum, Grammy-nominated smash with Drizzy.

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