Yes, The Morning Show’s Greta Lee Gets Starstruck by Her A-List Co-Stars

Stella may be unfazed by all the celebrities at UBA, but the actress who plays her on The Morning Show is well aware she’s working with industry legends.

Greta Lee, who joined the critically acclaimed Apple TV+ series for season two, told E! News that she gets starstruck “all the time” thanks to her mega-famous co-stars, including Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Billy Crudup. However, her A-list colleagues would never know this to be true, because she leaves her fangirling in the trailer.

“I have this ritual, as soon as I walk out I cannot bring those feelings with me to set,” she dished, “given the nature of Stella. Stella does not give a flying hoot about any of these people. While I think Billy is great, she thinks [Billy’s character] is like a lame, cis white man, which is so funny and fun for me to play. And same thing with like Jen and Reese, like Alex and Bradley, she’s like, ‘Come on, you guys are old news. And I’m like, so not impressed.'”

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