Yella Beezy Facing A Felony After Texas Arrest On Drug & Gun Charges

Dallas, TX – Yella Beezy is reportedly in police custody — again. According to TMZ, he was arrested in Texas on Wednesday (August 11) for felony possession of a controlled substance and unlawful carrying of a weapon (a misdemeanor).

Late Tuesday night (August 10), Beezy posted a video to his Instagram account that showed law enforcement searching the trunk and passenger door of an SUV as the red and blue lights flashed in the background.

He captioned the video, “They stay fwm [fuckin’ with me].”

This marks Yella Beezy’s second arrest in six months. In February, the 29-year-old rapper was arrested in his hometown of Dallas. The Hitco artist was on his way to get his girlfriend flowers for Valentine’s Day when police pulled him over for allegedly running a stop sign.

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Officers claimed they smelled marijuana emanating from his bulletproof vehicle and proceeded to search the car where they discovered an unlicensed weapon.

But Beezy’s manager Adrian Low Brown called foul, explaining at the time his client doesn’t smoke weed and had the weapon registered. He insisted Beezy was setup and believed it was a simple case of police harassment.

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