Why the Royal Family Was “Quietly Pleased” That Meghan Markle Didn’t Attend Prince Philip’s Funeral

The Queen, of course, was glad to be reunited with her “beloved” Harry, per the new epilogue. He, in turn, wanted to support his grandmother, knowing she felt a “huge void” after her longtime husband’s death.

A source says the funeral was “surreal” for Harry, in part because of the pressure of having the world watch both the funeral and his family drama unfold.

One source explains that the family ultimately “put on a unified front” at the funeral, per Finding Freedom, “out of respect for Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh,” regardless of any recent tension.

“Where we are today versus where we were six months ago, versus where we were 12 months ago… there is actually progress. There are efforts on all sides,” a royal family source tells Durand and Scobie.

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