Why Martha Stewart Is Out Here Living Her Best Life at 80

Eight years in, though, she and Andy had bought a house in the suburbs of Westport, Conn., and welcomed daughter Alexis. “I was living two very distinctly different lives,” she explained. “And the life of the homemaker was more interesting to me than the life on Wall Street.”

So she gave her notice and began her next act as a stay-at-home mom with a side hustle. Launching a catering business was “the most difficult job ever,” she told Harper’s, but naturally she rose to the occasion better than that sourdough starter you had during quarantine. 

It was while catering a 1,200-guest affair thrown by her book publisher husband that she landed on the recipe for her future success, pitching her idea for a new spin on the more traditional cookbook. 

Entertaining, the first of her 97 titles, launched in 1982 chock full of glossy color photos, stories and inspiring tips. And just like that Martha had begun baking her empire. 

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