Who Do You Think Dies on The White Lotus? Vote Now!

Who checked out of the White Lotus for good? Fans of the HBO dramedy have been wondering this very question since the season one premiere.

Thankfully, after weeks of anticipation, we are set to finally learn the truth when The White Lotus finale drops on Aug. 15. For those who need a refresher, in the opening scene of the series, newlywed Shane (Jake Lacy) seems downcast as fellow travelers at the airport bug him for details about his trip. After Shane reveals he stayed at the White Lotus, one of the nosy newcomers responds, “White Lotus? Our guide told us someone was killed there.”

“The body’s on our plane,” a frustrated Shane shares. “Yeah, they are about to load the body on our plane.”

As the couple continues to ask questions about the whereabouts of Shane’s wife, the disinterested former White Lotus guest shuts down the conversation by snapping, “No offense, leave me the f–k alone.”

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