Watch TriPoets Take Over A Restaurant In Comeback Single, ‘Hungry for Beats & Rhymes’

參劈 TriPoets are back!

The Taiwanese rap group made their official return yesterday (September 13) with “餓吃節奏押韻 Hungry for Beats & Rhymes,” their first single in 15 years, according to local outlet Blow 吹音樂.

The Nella Shen-directed visual features the old-school hip hop trio—comprised of 小個 DJ SUGAR, 老莫 ILL MO, and 林老師 TEACHER LIN—taking over a restaurant, cooking and serving food to dumbfounded customers. Fellow rappers 金其禾 Dudu King and Trout Fresh also made a cameo.

In a Facebook post announcing the music video, ILL MO noted that the group made their last video in 2006 and he shared that “事隔15年還能聚在一起做喜歡的事情,真的很不容易,也是難得的緣分.”(It’s really not easy to get together to do things you like after 15 years, and it’s also a rare feat.)

“餓吃節奏押韻 Hungry for Beats Rhymes” marks new music from 參劈 TriPoets, who also announced on Instagram last week that “新專輯逐漸接近完工” (The new album is getting closer to completion). They performed tracks from the upcoming record at the latest episode of MTV Taiwan’s 大嘻哈時代 The Rappers.

Watch the music video below:

[embedded content]

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