Watch Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Run from a Huge Ribbon in New ‘Gentenkaihi’ Video

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu shared the new music video accompanying her latest single called “Gentenkaihi,” which dropped Aug. 17.

The video produced by the creative team N2B+peledona depicts Kyary’s efforts to shake off the lingering public image of her being an icon of Harajuku “kawaii” culture donning a big ribbon in her hair. The 28-year-old artist actually runs away from a huge — about 6.5 ft high, 8.2 ft wide — custom-made red ribbon throughout the video while also expressing her evolving style.

Kyary shares that the day of the shoot was hot and the scene in the forest was tough to do, but that she’s proud of the result. “I’m being chased by a huge ribbon, which is my ‘genten’ (origin, roots), and also dance with a big ribbon on my head,” she says. “The day we shot it was really hot so the scene where I run through the forest was difficult, but it’s a great work so I hope you’ll check it out.”

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