Watch Kacey Musgraves Struggle to Pick Her Favorite Color With Elmo & Big Bird on ‘Sesame Street’

Kacey Musgraves is the latest musician to make a visit to Sesame Street.

During her recent appearance, the country singer struggles to pick her favorite color in the rainbow while singing the song “All the Colors of the World” but is able to come to a solution by the end of the segment with help from the show’s beloved characters.

In the clip, Elmo asks Musgraves what her problem is, to which she replies that she can’t decide what her favorite color is. After Elmo reveals that his favorite color is red — like his furry body — she sings, “Red is Elmo’s favorite color/ You know I really like red too/ It sometimes means stop/ Or love you a lot/ And red reminds me of you/ And that’s why of all the colors in the world/ Red is the color I like the most.”


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Elmo and Musgraves are then joined by Gabrielle, who reveals that her favorite color is yellow, like the two ribbons she wears in her curly pigtails. Musgraves decides that yellow is her favorite color too, and sings, “Yellow is my favorite color/ I love yellow because it’s so fun/ It can mean to go slow/ Yes, and you know/ Yellow is the color of the sun/ And that’s why of all the colors in the world/Yellow is the favorite one that I love.”

But after The Count and Big Bird provide their own color suggestions (green and brown), Abby Cadabby swoops in and reminds Musgraves it’s OK to enjoy all the colors equally. “I don’t need a favorite color/ I can like them all the same/ Red, black and brown and yellow/ Any color you can name/ The world is full of colors/ No one is better than the other/ So let’s enjoy them all/ Having all the colors is best,” Musgraves sings joyfully, concluding the segment.

The 33-year-old spoke with Spin after her Sesame Street cameo aired and revealed that she’s always been a fan of the show. “There are few institutions more iconic than Sesame Street, and I’ve always adored how they blend music and learning,” she said. “It was a massive honor to be a guest on the show and something I’ll never forget. It made me kind of emotional to see behind the curtain of such a big part of my childhood.”

The “star-crossed” singer  previously appeared on Sesame Street in 2020, where she performed “Rubber Duckie” on The Not-Too-Late Show With Elmo.

Watch Musgraves sing “All the Colors of the World” on  Sesame Street below.

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