Warner Music Launches WMX ‘Next Generation’ Services, Media Division

Warner Music Group has launched WMX, a “next generation” services division designed to connect artists with fans and amplify brands, the company announced Wednesday (Nov. 17). The division includes a rebranded WEA commercial services and marketing network as well as the company’s media and creative content arm.

According to a press release, the rebrand includes a centralized in-house creative agency that will bring “continuity and unity of vision across all aspects of an artist’s career,” including a “special emphasis” on merchandise and D2C alongside existing expertise in streaming, vinyl, ticketing, fashion collaborations, gaming, social, experiential and other fan experiences. The expansion of services is intended to help artists grow their fanbases via cross-channel campaigns in what’s described as “an ‘always on’ marketing approach.”

Leading WMX will be president Maria Weaver, who was hired to take the helm at WEA last November. Rounding out the WMX leadership team is WMG/WEA veteran Elsa Vivero, who will serve as GM and executive vp global commercial services; Benjamin Blank — formerly CEO and chief creative officer at the WMG-owned youth culture and music website UPROXX — as WMX president media and creative content; Danielle Lee as president Warner Music artist and fan experiences; Ernst Trapp as president global e-commerce and retail; and Scott Cherkin as senior vp audience engagement.

The newly-formed WMX claims more than 249 million monthly unique visitors across its owned media, including UPROXX, live music app Songkick and the hip-hop-focused website HipHopDX. It additionally generates over 46 billion monthly views via music-centric content on premium YouTube channels, including The Pit and Indie Mixtape, as well as through streaming and social platforms, according to the release.

“The role of a record label is growing, artists are pushing creative boundaries, and consumer behavior is ever-changing,” said Weaver in a statement announcing the launch. She added that WMX “is creating immersive, innovative, and impactful experiences, while empowering artists to grow their careers and deepen their vital connections with their fans. We’re excited to bring artists, audiences, and advertisers together in powerful ways.”

In his own statement, WMG’s CEO recorded music Max Lousada said, “The music business is no longer linear, transactional, and based around one format. It’s complex, multi-faceted, and interactive. There’s an ever-expanding universe of opportunities for talent to build devoted fanbases and extend their brands. In this rapidly evolving attention economy, WMX is designed to provide our artists and labels with a deep, dynamic range of services — covering everything from streaming to merch to branded content and beyond.”

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