Tyler, The Creator Shows Off His Pastel Cars & Vintage Trunk Collection In Robb Report

Tyler, The Creator has long been a fan of collecting a rare assortment of colorful cars, watches, trunks, pins, bikes and magazines.

The Grammy-winning rapper unlocked his treasure chest of collectibles for Robb Report to get a glimpse at his jewels.

“I perform in my watches,” he said. “I’ll jump in the water. I’ll bike with them. I sweat in them.”

Tyler’s love for wrist accessories was sparked by a SpongeBob watch he got from Burger King as a kid. Even with the most lucrative in his collection, most are purely for style and actually don’t work to tell time.

“I based a lot of my watch taste just off of how light it feels and how it could be colorful, too,” Tyler said. “It doesn’t always have to be gold and iced-out.” In fact, that’s just not his style. “I’ve seen some Rolexes, vintage ones, I really like, but aside from that, I’m just OK with the Cartiers. They bring me joy.”

On the car side, Tyler got his first around 19 years old and it was a Honda Accord he’s doing his best to forget about. After the rap money started to come in, he upgraded to a BMW M3 E92.

“I drive most of [the cars] when I can,” he said of his current exotic pastel fleet with Fiats and McLarens. “My Cullinan is my everyday. It’s truly a first-class seat on a plane. But then my BMW—if I had to rob a bank, I would probably use that car. Because I just know it so well, I control it differently. I drift in it, making a little left turn and letting the ass shoot out and stuff, before I go back on the straight.”

As far as his dream whip, he’s still looking for a kelly green LaFerrari and a Lamborghini truck.

“When I get that car, I’m driving five miles per hour everywhere,” he added. “I want everyone to see me in that vehicle. One day I’ll have a F40. One day I’m going to get the Lamborghini truck, the old one. Jay-Z pulled up on me in one, and I was like, ‘You are a psycho, man.’”

Watch the entire video interview here. 

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In other Tyler, The Creator news, Freddie Gibbs was asked about a potential collaboration with the Grammy winner on a recent episode of the Rap Caviar Podcast.

“I love Tyler man, he’s such a fuckin’ weirdo,” the “Gang Signs” rapper said. “It’s like, how can you not love a guy like that? He’s like a little brother to me, but I look up to him at the same time too. Cuz I see the things that he does and I’m like, ‘What the fuck!’ It’s amazing, he has no fear!”

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