Tuju of K-Clique Reveals World of Delusion In Latest Solo Single ‘Khayalan’

Rapper, songwriter and vocalist Tuju of renowned hip hop group K-Clique releases another single after his solo debut “Jiwa Pusing” from earlier this year. The Malaysian artist returns with his latest single “Khayalan” (“Fantasy”) via Black Hat Cat records in collaboration with Mingaling of hip hop collective, MassMusic. 

The self-written track follows the deceptive illusion of deluding oneself from the truth. “”Khayalan” tells of a person who lives a delusional life, of a star which disappears into the darkness of the night clouds,” Tuju says in a press statement. “It is about a man who cheats on the most important woman in his life. The man then loses himself in a spiral of darkness and only realizes his mistakes at the very end. He then tries to wake up from the nightmare which led to his undoing. He later begs for a final chance at making things right and tries to learn from his biggest mistake which once caused him half of his life”.

Tuju unravels this grief in the track, unfolding his solo career with another release that showcases his variety as an artist. The official music video of “Khalayan” will be released on the Black Hat Cat Records YouTube Channel this November 5. 

Stream the single below: 

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