Tony Yayo Reveals True Origin Of 50 Cent & The Game’s Beef

50 Cent and The Game’s longstanding beef can be traced all the way back to 2005, when G-Unit swapped out the release of The Massacre for The Game’s debut album The Documentary. The feud has never been resolved, with both MC’s trading shots to this day.

G-Unit’s Tony Yayo recently sat down for an interview with VladTV, and said the intense hatred between the two can be traced all the way back to Jimmy Henchmen, the record executive in charge of Czar Entertainment, which managed Game and a slew of other artists.

While Henchmen is currently serving six life sentences on drug charges and for the alleged murder-for-hire against G-Unit’s Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher, Yayo suggested that The Game and 50 Cent got off on the wrong foot during Henchmen’s feud with Chris Lightly – the iconic Violator Management music executive who died by suicide in 2012.

“I tell you the poison in that was Jimmy Henchmen,” Yayo told Vlad. “Jimmy Henchmen never liked Chris Lighty. He never liked Chris Lighty and there was always jealousy, and rest in peace to Chris Lightly. You know that’s my icon. So Chris Lighty always had hate from people because you know he had P. Diddy, he had 50, he had Foxy, he had [L.L. Cool J].”

He continued by saying Henchmen’s jealousy eventually spurred him to move to the same block as Lighty. “So I felt like the Henchmen beef, I didn’t know the guy I felt like it was inherited from Chris Lighty but you know he never liked the guy.”

Tony Yayo didn’t care much for Henchmen either. In 2007, Yayo and his entourage approached the record executive’s 14-year-old son when they saw him heading to his father’s office. According to reports, the crew surrounded the boy and Lodi Mack later admitted he smacked Henchmen’s son across the face.

The G-Unit affiliate was sentenced to nine months in prison for the assault, and two weeks after his release in 2009, was shot and killed in the Bronx. Henchmen was ultimately implicated in the fatal shooting but in an interview with Complex from prison maintained his innocence.

“I never told anyone to kill the guy,” Rosemond told the outlet. “When [a contact] told me he had a way to get to Lowell Fletcher, I asked if he could bring him to me. What these guys went ahead and did was ended up killing Lowell Fletcher, which was not what I asked them to do.”

Needless to say, that’s all ancient history at this point and both The Game and 50 Cent have expressed zero interest in peace talks. Fifty recently clowned The Game in April for getting snubbed at a Los Angeles Lakers game by esteemed record executive Jimmy Iovine. Game responded to his old nemesis by calling the Queens legend an “actor” and saying that’s why he gravitated towards producing  TV shows.

“Leave this rap shit to n-ggas who can spell correctly and actually got bars, goofy n-gga!” The Game said.

Watch Tony Yayo’s VladTV sit-down below.

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