The Weeknd Ushers In ‘The Dawn’ Era With Kendrick Lamar Meme

The Weeknd seems to finally be turning the page on his After Hours era after weeks of teasing his upcoming album allegedly titled The Dawn. On Tuesday (September 21), the XO singer took to his Instagram to tease the album once again.

In his double post, The Weeknd shared an illustration designed by Abhidyu showing him waking up from his sleep. The Weeknd’s butler pulls back the window curtains as Abel clears his eyesight and reaches for his sunglasses.

The dawn is here, Master Tesfaye,” reads the butler’s caption bubble.

In the second clip, The Weeknd used a meme of Christian Bale’s American Psycho character Patrick Bateman walking through his office. At the same time, Kendrick Lamar’s viral “top of the morning” ad-libs from Baby Keem’s “range brothers” plays in the background.

It’s unclear whether the post is an official announcement, but fans are ready for The Dawn‘s arrival considering how much teasing The Weeknd has done over the last few months.

The illustration in The Weeknd’s post isn’t the first time Abhidyu created artwork inspired by the Toronto crooner, either. The Weeknd shared other pieces done by the talented artist in his Instagram Story.

While The Weeknd is busy putting the finishing touches on his next album, people will get the chance to study his discography at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. The university has announced a course titled RTA 950: Deconstructing Drake and The Weeknd, which offers students the opportunity to study the recordbreaking careers of Abel and his Toronto brethren Aubrey Graham.

Drake & The Weeknd College Course To Be Taught At Toronto University

The course is expected to launch in early 2022, with prolific writer, podcaster and Hip Hop scholar Dalton Higgins serving as the professor. Along with breaking down The Weeknd and Drake’s careers, Higgins will also examine the buzzing Toronto Hip Hop/R&B scene both artists helped shape.

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