‘The Maury Show’ Finally Nabs A Rapper To Share In The Shenanigans: Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X rose to superstardom in 2019 with “Old Town Road” featuring county singer Billy Ray Cyrus. Two Grammy Awards and several Billboard records later, the 22-year-old’s star power only continues to grow.

But Lil Nas X certainly didn’t do it alone and has a whole team of people at Columbia Records fueling his career. His marketing team, in particular, has helped propel his career to epic levels.

On Thursday (November 11), The Maury Povich Show announced Lil Nas X would appear on the long-running talk show with his real life ex-boyfriend Yai Ariza. Par for the course, there’s no shortage of drama as the former couple is joined by Ariza’s alleged wife.

“Yai have been together for a month and a half,” Lil Nas X tells the woman, to which she screams, “You’re a liar!” Ariza then agrees to a paternity test to find out if he’s really the father of the woman’s four-year-old child.

Ariza appeared alongside Lil Nas X in the sexually-charged video for the MONTERO single “That’s What I Want” in September, but their relationship was already over in October.

Speaking to SiriusXM’s Hits 1 LA at the time, Lil Nas X explained it was the best decision for his career.

“We were dating, and we are still on very good terms,” he said. “You know, we may date again, I’m sure. I love him; he is amazing. I wanted to kind of focus on my music right now.” He also called the Colombian-born actor and dancer “literally the best person that I’ve ever dated.”

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He added, “I am still very much in love. I’m like trying to manage. … If it’s meant (to be), it’ll happen in the future, you know.”

The Maury Show episode starring Lil Nas X airs on Wednesday (November 17).

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