The Kylie Jenner X A Nightmare On Elm Street Drop Is a Bloody Good Makeup Collection

Considering the reality TV star is also known for her brand’s extravagant packaging, she didn’t disappoint in that arena.

The collection kit, for example, displayed an image of Kylie wearing a flesh-colored catsuit that was reminiscent of Freddy Krueger’s burned and scarred body. Her silver stiletto nails seemed to replicate the villain’s iconic metal-clawed glove.

As for the packaging for the products? They were emblazoned with blood splatter, Freddy’s legendary striped sweater and a shadow of his image. After all, Kylie did call Freddy the “icon of horror” so it makes sense she’s pay homage to him in more ways than one.

Now, fans can get their hands (or claws!) on the collection on the brand’s website. Check out the new products below.

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