TDE’s Doechii Makes Late Night TV Debut With ‘Persuasive’ + ‘Crazy’ Medley On ‘Fallon’

Top Dawg Entertainment‘s newest signee Doechii has been building a lot of buzz, and her stock just hit a new level after making her debut on late-night TV.

On Wednesday night (May 18), Doechii took the stage for a special performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. With her band in tow, the Florida rapper put on a hell of a show bouncing between the calm vibes of “Persuasive” and the high-energy feel for “Crazy.”

The TDE artist stole the show with her eccentric brown-colored gown and energetic stage presence to cap off the special performance.

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Doechii has been getting a lot of looks since she dropped her single “Yucky Blucky Fruitcake” in 2020. The song went viral after fans fell in love with her adept rapping ability and overall style. It wouldn’t take long for TDE to take notice and sign her to a deal.

“Persuasive” was the rapper‘s debut single for TDE, and she followed that up with “Crazy” and an accompanying music video that turned heads for its graphic nature and ended up being banned on YouTube.

Doechii ‘Crazy’ Video Banned From Trending On YouTube Due To Nudity

“The film is an expansive metaphor embodying the hardships women go through in their ascension to power,” Sarah C Prinz, the video director, wrote in a statement. “It’s a piece that challenges the viewer to look at stigmatized imagery and asks them to see beyond the first impression – to see the female form not in moments of sexuality but in moments of truth, intensity and power; to see a woman wielding a gun, to see a woman express vivid, honest emotions.”

She added, “It’s a piece that empowers the exponential capacity of women in the 21st century, in every form of their being.”

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