Summer I Turned Pretty Cast Reacts to Jenny Han’s Book Cover

The Summer I Turned Pretty cast is getting the book treatment. 

Jenny Han, who helped adapt her hit novel into the Prime Video series of the same name, has shared the actors’ reaction to being featured on the cover of the book’s follow-up, It’s Not Summer Without You

In the video, which Han shared to her Instagram Oct. 27, the author goes around to the cast’s various filming locations and asks them if they’d like to see the cover

While Gavin Casalegno and Lola Tung (who play Jeremiah and Belly, respectively) gave shocked gasps, Christopher Briney, who stars as Conrad, wasn’t even in his trailer when Han looked for him. After a quick call from Tung, Briney came to see the new cover—and, of course, he was equally delighted by it. 

“Yoooooo!” he said, joking, “I look good in a dress! That’s crazy!”

While fans theorized in the comments section that Conrad would wear the aforementioned dress to prom, the cover doesn’t depict anything of the sort. Instead, it shows the three characters—Belly and Conrad on the side, with Jeremiah in the middle—in front of their Cousins Beach summer house. 

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