Soulja Boy Claims Another First Involving His Newborn Baby

Soulja Boy has once again claimed to be the first rapper to do something.

On Sunday (October 30), Big Draco hopped on his Instagram Story to show off his newborn baby along with his fatherly-appropriate attire, which he asserts he is the first rapper to utilize to cradle his child.

In the short video clip, Soulja Boy proceeds to hit his classic “Crank Dat” dance while showing off a t-shirt specifically designed to allow a baby to be inserted and held hands-free near the chest.

“I was the first rapper to put they baby in a shirt. Y’all ain’t never put y’all baby in a shirt before. Ain’t that right son, yewww,” he says in the clip.

Throughout the course of 2022, Soulja Boy’s claims of being the first rapper to do any number of things has seemingly become more and more incredulous.

In January, Soulja went toe-to-toe with 50 Cent regarding who was the first rapper to do the viral social media money challenge. Then, in August, he taunted embattled rapper and designer Kanye West with his claims that he was the first rapper to be intimate with his estranged soon-to-be ex-wife Kim Kardashian West.

Soulja Boy did have to eat a slice of humble pie recently, though, as he conceded to Warner Records rapper NLE Choppa that he was indeed the first rapper to walk out an NBA team to his music after the “Too Hot” lyricist soundtracked the Memphis Grizzlies’ starting line up introduction at a game earlier this month.

While Soulja Boy is happily creating memories with the child he had together with his hair stylist-turned-baby-momma Jackilyn Martinez, one of his rumored love interests is not happy with the new family life dynamic he’s created.

Soulja Boy & Girlfriend Share Topless Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Reportedly, his “secret” girlfriend of over a decade, Aliyah Hayes said she met Soulja Boy when she was 19 years old and had been dating the rapper since. Hayes spoke to the Daily Mail after Soulja Boy announced his pregnancy with Martinez in March, explaining how she thought Jackilyn was simply his hair stylist and mutual friends with members of Soulja’s entourage.

“I met the hairdresser maybe once or twice,” Hayes said. “I was really confused on their relationship. I thought she was friends with his friends. I knew she did hair. When I came across her, she was very nice to me. She knew I was his girlfriend. We would kiss and be with each other right in front of her, so I just had no idea.”

Aliyah Hayes went on to say that she found out about the pregnancy when the rest of the world did, as Soulja Boy shared a video of a gender reveal party to his IG account earlier this year, revealing she immediately felt the sense of “heartbreak,” when she things came to the light.

“There was a Saturday I was just feeling a weird feeling that day,” Hayes said in part. “I was kinda sad. He was actually hosting a club I was going to attend. I decided to go to Instagram and the moment I go to Instagram, it was right there on the feed … I dropped my phone immediately. I began to feel the devastation and heartbreak of our relationship and just couldn’t understand why we never discussed this, and I’m viewing this with everyone else that follows him.”

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