Simone Biles Calls Out Jeffrey Dahmer Costumes Ahead of Halloween

Simone Biles has a PSA for anyone dressing up this Halloween.

Ahead of the festive holiday, the gymnast sent a warning out to anyone who is considering wearing a costume in honor of the late serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer: Don’t do it.

“im just gon go head and say it,” Biles tweeted Oct. 18, “put the jeffrey dahmer costumes back in the closet. we ain’t having it!!!!!!”

The four-time Olympic gold medalist’s comments come more than a month after the release of Ryan Murphy‘s true crime drama series, DahmerMonster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which stars Evan Peters as the convicted murderer.

As the show went on to become Netflix’s second most-watched English-language series in a week—behind Stranger Things season four—it renewed interest in Dahmer, who raped, dismembered and murdered more than 17 boys and men in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area between 1978 and 1991. (He was killed in prison in 1994.)

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