Simon Cowell Makes a Bold Prediction About 9-Year-Old Opera Singer Victory Brinker on ‘AGT’

While Simon Cowell admitted he wasn’t as familiar with classical music, he is familiar with helping artists have their big break — and he paid Brinker one of the biggest compliments of the evening.

“I do remember many years ago, on another show, an artist called Carrie Underwood came on and auditioned for me, and I said, ‘You’re going to sell millions and millions of records.’ And I was right,” he said, recalling his American Idol days. “I’m going to make a prediction: You’re going to be one of the biggest stars to emerge from one of these shows. Because you have a unique, special talent, and I think you are incredible.”

Victory Brinker might be, well, on the brink of victory.

Watch her performance of “Casta Diva” below.

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