See the FBoy Island Ladies Confront Sarah’s “Lying Boyfriend” in a Hilarious Sneak Peek

This FBoy needs to be F-ing gone. 

An exclusive sneak peek at tomorrow’s new FBOY Islandairing Aug. 5, teases more Garrett drama (insert eye-roll) that the leading ladies CJNakia and Sarah easily see through. Presumed FBoy Garrett attempts to explain what fellow contestant Matt actually meant when he alleged that Garrett has a girlfriend back home. And no, we’re still not convinced that Garrett is on the beach for the “right reasons.” 

“I mean for me, I’m just getting annoyed and irritated,” Nakia sighs to CJ following the tumultuous elimination ceremony. 

CJ spots Garrett on the beach. “Speaking of annoyed and irritated, get over here!” she shouts to him. 

Garrett immediately asks where Sarah is, but CJ shuts him down. “She’s not worried about where you are,” the model claps back.

Garrett even cowers as he jokes that it’s “intimidating” to be in front of Nakia and CJ since they clearly don’t have time for any of his man-child ways.

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