Ryan Reynolds Reveals Touching Story About His Final Call With Alex Trebek

The gaming aspect to action movie Free Guy may not have involved any Jeopardy! trivia questions, but rather, plenty of video-game references. “I had a nervous breakdown when I was 11 playing Castlevania,” Reynolds joked about his past gamer experience. “[Now] I have three daughters, six and under, there’s no video-games. Honestly, I throw confetti at myself if I just have time to make breakfast in the mornings.” 

Co-star Jodie Comer added that production gifted her a PlayStation 4 so she could familiarize herself with the genre. “Spider-Man was my favorite, I have to say,” Comer quipped. “But I haven’t brought it into my own life. I take them way too seriously, truth by told. The stakes are way too high.” 

Watch the full interview above to hear about Comer’s “eye-opening” experience working with stunt coordinators. 

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