Paulina Rubio Talks Musical Return With New ‘Yo Soy’ Video

Rubio spoke with Billboard prior to the song and video’s release today.

Your new song is called “Yo Soy.” So, who are you?

“I’m music, I’m extraordinary, I’m rock ‘n roll, I’m melody, I’m a mom. I’m empowering myself with these new beginnings. We’ve been stuck so long, that we can do anything. I believe we can do anything after this pandemic.”

How about the song — how would you describe it?

It’s a manifesto. I am very transparent. And this time around I’m very into the core, and I wanted to transmit that. I believe after the pandemia, I am a survivor. When we used to turn the tv on, at one point I thought it was the end of the world, the end of music, the end of the universe! I passed through so many different feelings during the pandemic. We couldn’t even hug anybody! First, I was trying to be thankful every morning and counting our blessings. In Spain my stepfather was in a hospital for three months, close friends died, so I feel a survivor. I feel stronger than ever. Whoever says the pandemic didn’t change them, is lying. I feel I’m a better human being than I was before.

You have a new label, and this first song with Sony is a very empowering song where you talk about being yourself and doing things on your own. When you sat down in the studio, what did you say you wanted to do?

We started with the longest silence ever. We wanted to feel where we were going and we didn’t know until that long silence. I feel I conquered different seas in the ocean. Coming back to my roots is something that’s very natural for me this time around. I am the captain on my own ship, I have my own tribe, I am a single mom. One of millions of single moms who go out to work. That big manifesto was really simple. After a big silence, that’s what came out. It has important lines: “I’m an Eve without an Adam, making my paradise.” I’m living a great moment with my children.

You spent a lot of time with your children during this pause. What were your days like when you were in lockdown?

We spent 18 months pretty much in our house. Luckily it’s a very open house. We ate a lot. We spoiled ourselves. We had reading sessions, my mom and I, with the children. We did everything during this pandemic. I learned how to cook, and it’s something so similar to painting or doing a song. You start seasoning a dish and it’s so personal. My children’s favorite dish is lasagna. My mom makes an amazing lasagna. I love spinach, and the kids love Bolognese.

What did you discover about yourself during this pandemic?

I hadn’t allowed myself to screw up and make mistakes. When you mess up, you beat yourself up. But I’m over that. Now, my skin is so tough, that if I stumble or if I face more obstacles to jump over, I’m doing it for me and my children, but not for anyone else.

So, new single. What comes next?

We’re announcing a new tour in November, together with a different female artist. Partnerships are important nowadays. There will be a tour, and it will be in 2022 and I’m sharing this tour. Twenty six concerts in five weeks.

Watch the video to “Yo Soy” below:

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