Patrick Mahomes’ Brother Jackson Apologizes After Dancing on Late Washington Player’s Tribute Logo

Patrick’s fiancée Brittany Matthews, who is close friends with Jackson, appeared to support him by retweeting his apology message. Earlier in the day, Brittany, who is rarely shy about standing up for herself, had fired back at a troll who had criticized Patrick’s play and called Brittany “embarrassing.”

Brittany responded, “Does this make you feel tough behind a fake account??? I’m all for building confidence, so if this is what you have to do then go for it. you ain’t disturbing my peace.”

Last month, video went viral showing Jackson pouring bottled water on a fan of the opposing team who had apparently been heckling him. At the time, Patrick, 26, told the media that the action was “something that we don’t want to necessarily do” but that he hoped Jackson would “learn from it.”

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