Nick Lachey’s Weirdest Travel Habit Isn’t What You’d Expect

The Love Is Blind contestants learn a lot about one another on their honeymoons—and no one knows that better than Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey.

The hosts shared how travel changed their relationship for the better—even though it revealed a unique habit of Nick’s. 

“I learned that when we go to hotels, Nick likes to move the furniture,” Vanessa, who recently partnered with, exclusively told E! News. “If the TV isn’t matched to the bed, he’ll move either the dresser with the tv, or if the TV’s mounted in the wall, then he’ll move the bed.”

Nick added that it “drives him crazy” if the dresser isn’t “perfectly” parallel to the wall. Meanwhile, Vanessa joked that she just “sits there.”

But Nick isn’t the only one with an unconventional vacation routine.

“I don’t sleep with a comforter, so we pull them off,” Vanessa revealed. “I pull it down and I fold it at the bottom of the bed, and I know I’m on vacation.”

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