New Avicii Documentary Set to Premiere in 2023

Produced by Swedish director and cinematographer Björn Tjärnberg and Candamo Film in cooperation with Swedish National Television, the documentary is being shot by Swedish director Henrik Burman, who also directed the 2020 doc Yung Lean: In My Head. 

“My goal is to provide an honest and new perspective on both the artist Avicii and Tim’s life,” Burman says. “I want this to be a film that surprises the audience and challenges the public’s image of Sweden’s biggest international artist of today and, in doing so, also shine a light on what his music has meant to so many people.”

The new film is not the first documentary on Bergling, with 2017’s True Stories capturing the producer in the era when he was winding down his touring schedule in the wake of his much publicized period of burnout. This documentary caused controversy for its depiction of Bergling in what turn out to be the latter part of his life, and is no longer available on Netflix.

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