N.O.R.E. Says He Had No Idea Rappers Lied In Their Songs

Hip Hop is a genre of music but a form of entertainment as well. Rappers have to put out the best product to reach the mountaintop, and with that comes a little bit of fabrication in their music. It’s no secret that rappers tend to exaggerate their rhymes, but not everyone got the memo.  

During Beanie Siegel’s recent visit to Drink ChampsN.O.R.E. admitted he had no idea his peers were exaggerating the truth in their songs. 

“When I first came into the game, when I first started rapping, I didn’t know how to exaggerate,” Noreaga said. “I didn’t know that other rappers were making up shit in they raps. So, a person had to tell me, ‘Relax. Like, you can’t be putting all that shit.’”

According to N.O.R.E., rappers were supposed to speaking about what they were living, but that wasn’t the case. He asked Beanie if he ever went through that same struggle because everything sounded a little too real in his early raps. According to Beans, it was the same issue for him. 

“Everything was personal,” Beanie told Noreaga. “I think you supposed to still do that. If you ain’t going through it, at least you got knowledge firsthand or next to it. Everything is a facade now. There’s no substance in it. I believe music is supposed to resonate with people.”

N.O.R.E Thinks Beanie Siegel Is ‘No Match’ For Him In A Verzuz Battle

Although fans got an informative conversation between N.O.R.E. and Beanie Siegel, Some may be wondering the status of their proposed Verzuz match-up. In June, N.O.R.E. opened the conversation for a Verzuz between the two saying the Broad Street Bully couldn’t hold his own, but he fired back, calling for someone to schedule the battle. 

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