Master P Asks Judge To Declare Him Legally Single – Over 10 Years After Separating From Wife

No Limit Records founder/CEO Master P often makes his business moves public but not too much is known about his private life. But now, the thriving entrepreneur is reportedly asking a judge to declare him legally single from his estranged wife Sonya Miller.

According to TMZ, Master P recently filed paperwork requesting a bifurcation of his divorce, meaning both parties would immediately be granted a single status and can handle the rest of their divorce issues later.

Master P and Sonya Miller got married in 1989 and share seven children together. Although they separated in 2010, Miller didn’t officially file for divorce until 2013. A year later, she attempted to sue her estranged husband, asking for 40 percent of his assets.

In 2016, Master P and Sonya Miller were able to come to an agreement and moved forward with the divorce. But for one reason or another, the paperwork was never filed so technically, they’re still married.

Speaking to Wendy Williams in 2014, Master P provided some insight into whey their marriage dissolved.

“To realize in a relationship, you know, things happen,” he said. “People grow together, they grow apart. My whole thing is, I’m not mad at her, you know, I love her, she’s my kids mother and we got to take care of our kids forever.

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“I think what people got to realize is when lawyers come into the play and you got lawyers that don’t know your business, don’t know where you come from they play a big effect and I want to apologize to her, you know, to be honest with you because I’m not perfect, nobody’s perfect.”

Watch the clip below.

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