Machine Gun Kelly Strips Down for Wild Calvin Klein Campaign With Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson has finally joined Instagram — but it’s not what you think. On Monday, the Saturday Night Live star took over Calvin Klein’s Instagram to unveil his new campaign with Machine Gun Kelly.

The social media surprise began with Davidson posting a casual selfie to the brand’s feed. “I got Instagram,” he captioned the post, which featured him throwing up a peace sign in a simple, white Calvin Klein T-shirt, his face mostly obscured by his camera’s flash.


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The post by the famously social media averse star quickly went viral, amassing more than 400,000 likes. For his part, Kelly took to the comments section to hint that he’d somehow be involved, writing, “Are you gonna post us in our undies[?]”

Hours later, the pair surprised fans by taking over Calvin Klein’s Instagram Live for an impromptu  modeling session, and as more screenshots trickled out across social media, it’s clear the buddies’ hang session only got wilder and wilder. In one shot, Davidson and Kelly sit side by side on a couch with their pants around their ankles; in another hilarious moment, the rocker stands up in his skivvies to gleefully pour a bowl of popcorn into the SNL vet’s mouth.

A NSFW conversation also ensued, with the duo discussing whether they were, ahem, “growers or show-ers.” ““Nice stuff, by the way. I get it now. Good for you. Good for you, dog,” Davidson complimented Kelly, leading the latter to joke, “I would’ve put an extra two socks in there and blew the world’s mind.”

Once the livestream wrapped, Davidson posted a follow-up snap to Calvin Klein’s Instagram of himself and Kelly staring questioningly into the camera. “Did we nail it or did we nail it,” Davidson wrote, while MGK commented by asking, “should we remake zoolander[?]”

Check out more from Kelly and Davidson’s underwear campaign below.

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