Machine Gun Kelly Reflects on the “Lowest Lows” of Fame

Machine Gun Kelly feels the cycle of fame was born with horns.

MGK, real name Colson Baker, compared his experience with being famous to that of his Taurus film character Cole, a rising music artist who is navigating a complicated relationship with success. As MGK shared in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter published Nov. 1, being famous does have a good side, but a bad side as well—something he didn’t always grasp as a child.

He noted of celebrities, “When I was a kid and I was watching them, I was like, ‘Go f–k yourself. I’m broke and I have no life and I want what you have. And I would do whatever it takes to have what you have. And your problems, I would do whatever to have that.’ And to an extent, that kid is right, because this life is beautiful—the highs are the highest highs. But I will not front that—the lows are the lowest lows.”

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