Ludacris Goes Incognito to Hand Out Gift Cards to Homeless: ‘I Refuse to Not Believe in Hope’

Ludacris has spent time recently spreading holiday cheer one gift card at a time. The rapper posted a video on Monday (Dec. 20) in which he revealed that he’s been hitting the streets masked up to test an old aphorism that his dad used to impart when the rapper was a kid.


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“My pops used to always say ‘If you give a homeless person money they’re just going to go buy booze wit it.’ I always wanted to disagree with him because as a kid, in my heart I always felt that couldn’t be 100% true,” Luda wrote alongside a 20-second video in which he approaches a person in a wheelchair on the street and hands them a gift certificate that they accept with glee.

“Merry Christmas, there’s $50 on there, go on in, man,” Luda, dressed in a tie-dye-patterned sweat suit and black face masks says. “Oh, I’m going in!” the person replies. “So I’ve been masked up/disguised experimenting in these streets, and giving the homeless food gift cards instead so that they have more of an incentive to buy food,” the rapper explained in the accompanying post.

“I flipped his theory, and i added my own twist to it because I REFUSE to NOT believe in HOPE #merryludacrismas #tistheseason #lovewins.”

Luda recently told Billboard that there are “no words to express” his excitement about the debut of his 14-years-in-the-making animated children’s program Karma’s World.

The Netflix series, inspired by the rapper/actor’s eldest daughter Karma Bridge’s imagination when she was a child, premiered on Oct. 15. Each 13-minute episode tackles issues with identity, confidence, female empowerment, diversity and inclusion. From learning to love her name and hair to finding her voice, Karma explores some of the biggest challenges in a 10-year-old’s life.

Check out Luda brightening up the holidays below.

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