Love Is Blind Star Jessica Batten Details the Real Reason She Returned to the Show

Jessica admitted that “it was a tough decision” to return to television. But in the end, she wouldn’t have done it any other way. Since Love Is Blind: After the Altar¬†premiered on July 28, she revealed she has received an outpouring of love on social media.

As she described, “For those sending these beautiful messages, I’m reading and most times crying getting through them. Thank you for being so kind and for the heartfelt apologies. I understand the initial judgment more than you know.”

“I just want to encourage you to never lose sight of this North Star, your own heart,” she¬†encouraged. “Even if it’s painful and messy and really freaking hard, keep going, trust yourself and know you’ll find your way. Not everyone is going to like it or like you through it.. but that’s OK!”

She added, “You’ll find your way and they will all be better for it too, I promise!”

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