Lizzo Takes a Stroll Through Hollywood Dressed as Baby Yoda Ahead of Halloween

In addition to the light green paint on her face and body, the Grammy winner donned a blonde wig and full-length tan robe with furry collar and cuffs.

Later in the evening, Lizzo continued wearing her creative costume for a performance at Spotify’s Ghost Town Halloween Party in West Hollywood.

In another Instagram post, the “Good as Hell” singer joked that Grogu’s PR team issued a statement about her playful costume.

“A representative from Grogu’s publicity team has issued a statement regarding the paparazzi photos taken last night: ‘Grogu aka Baby Yoda aka The Child has no recollection of these events. In fact, these events never happened *jedi hand wave*,’” she captioned a gallery.

Lizzo has previously said she has an impressive collection of Grogu merch. “I have so many friggin’ Baby Yoda’s. I got one the size of me,” the singer said during the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show in August. “I don’t know who’s sending it at this point but I’m grateful.”

See Lizzo’s Baby Yoda costume below.

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