Limp Bizkit to Drop ‘Still Sucks’ Album on Halloween

Limp Bizkit will release their first new album in 10 years on Sunday (Oct. 31), the self-deprecatingly titled Limp Bizkit Still Sucks. Guitarist Wes Borland confirmed the news on Thursday, when he posted an image of the album’s cover and the message, “Our first album in over a decade comes out this Sunday! Happy Halloween! Limp Bizkit – Still Sucks.”

The illustrated cover features the members of the Nu-Metal band laying on the floor of a suburban house as a joint-smoking woman attempts to vacuum them up. A link to the album title hashtag takes you to the track list for the 12-song collection, which promises such songs as “Dirty Rotten Bizkit,” “Turn It Up, B–ch,” “Don’t Change,” “You Bring Out the Worst in Me,” “Empty Hole,” “Pill Popper” and “Snacky Poo,” among others.

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