Lil Zay Osama Reportedly Released On $1M Bail Following Machine Gun Arrest

Lil Zay Osama has reportedly been released from a New York prison after posting a $1 million bail in a gun possession case stemming from an arrest earlier this month.

The rapper shared the news via his Instagram Stories on Friday (October 28), not only detailing the specifics of his bail, but also thanking his attorney.

Later posts showed Lil Zay Osama celebrating his release at the Pateo Theater in his hometown of Chicago.

Lil Zay Osama was initially denied bail following his arrest on September 29 outside of a New York City area recording studio. The arrest came after an Uber driver who chauffeured Zay and two of his friends from Manhattan to said studio alerted authorities that his passengers had left a gun in the car.

The weapon in question was a Glock 22.40 which had been enhanced with a “switch” device, giving the gun rapid fire capability like a machine gun. Lil Zay Osama mentioned such a weapon in his 2021 song, “Danny Block,” rapping: “Ayy, I just got a brand new Glock/ With a fifty and a switch.”

Prosecutors presented the song’s lyrics — which also include the line: “I hope this song right here don’t get in the hands of the feds” — as part of their argument against allowing the artist to be released on bail while awaiting trial.

“The crimes charged in this case are extremely serious and confirm that [Dukes] is a danger to the community,” Brooklyn Assistant US Attorney Rebecca Schuman wrote documents presented at the Lil Zay Osama’s bail hearing. “For one, [Dukes] possessed a particularly deadly weapon that had been converted from a handgun capable of shooting just one bullet each time the trigger is squeezed to having the capability of firing until the trigger is lifted.”

Prosecutors also informed Brooklyn federal judge Judge Ramon Reyes Jr. that the “Changed Up” rapper had two warrants out for his arrest in his home state of Illinois at the time of the hearing.

Shortly after the bail hearing, Lil Zay Osama appealed to JAY-Z and Kim Kardashian for support. The 25-year-old (real name Isaiah Dukes) took to his Instagram Stories to issue a plea to the aforementioned, with his first post simply saying: “I Need Jayz Help.”

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In a much deeper second post, he spoke on his situation and how he believes he’s been targeted like so many other rappers. “It’s crazy i thought people would say free me hoping i do better and wish the best,” Lil Zay wrote. “yall really in the comments and on blogs saying 20 and 30 plus ima get and yall hope i get time im dum and etc.

“Don’t believe everything u hear i been out here i know how to move dont believe everything u hear #Glahhh.”

He continued: “Newyork aint playing fair they líen on my name they targeting all artist ! Most of our artists is Black men so u know what this about ! They tryna do us [100 emoji] Tag @kimkardashian i need her.”

Shortly after announcing his freedom, Lil Zay Osama released the official video for his single, “41 Presidential” featuring Icewear Vezzo.

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