Lil Uzi Vert Says He Got His Rap Name From A ‘Crackhead’

Lil Uzi Vert has provided more details on who gave him his rap name. In a 2916 interview with VIBE, the chart-topping rapper had already disclosed “some guy” told him that he rapped fast and gave him his name.

“Some guy was just like ‘you rap fast, man,” he said at the time. “Like a little machine gun’ and from that moment I was Lil Uzi.”

But during a livestream with some friends on Friday (December 10), Uzi revealed he actually got his name from a “crackhead” who told him he rapped fast, rather than just “some guy.”

“I got named by a crackhead,” Uzi interjected as the other guests talked about how they’d discovered his music.

“He said you rapped fast?” asked one of the streamers, to which Uzi replied, “Yeah, yeah he’s a good guy.”

Aside from livestreaming, Lil Uzi Vert has been working on getting in shape. In an exclusive video interview with Men’s Health published on Tuesday (December 7), the rap star had cameras join him at Gotham Gym in New York City to give his fans a glimpse at the workout routine that has transformed his body. According to Uzi, he’s put on 10 pounds of muscle in four to five months, and he’s been really enjoying it.

“Working out definitely helps me with my performance and I think that people that’s probably, you know, stressed a lot and going through stuff, they should work out,” he said. “I’m one of those people that be in my head and it makes me go crazy … See how heavy I’m breathing, I’m getting all of my anxiety out and stuff.”

The Eternal Atake artist aims to completely transform himself so fans don’t recognize him.

“I weigh 142,” he said. “My goal is 155-ish, all muscle. In six months, we’ll do another one of these, I’ll be 155. Y’all be like, ‘Damn! It’s not the same person.’”

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