Latin Artist on the Rise: Meet Blessd, Who Went From Selling Fruit to Working with Maluma & Black Eyed Peas

“He wants to raise the flag,” Blessd says of Maluma. “There is no other artist like him helping those of us who are emerging so much. He’s doing a job that no one else has done. I respect him as an artist and triple as a person because of that.”

With a lot of effort, work, and conviction, Blessd has also landed collaborations with artists such as Black Eyed Peas, Piso 21, Yomo, and his go-to producer Ovy on the Drums. “It’s a beautiful story,” he assures. “Because I come from having nothing and not knowing what to do, to working with big artists. Music saved me.”

Below, learn more about this month’s Latin Artist on the Rise.

Name: Stiven Mesa Londoño a.k.a. Blessed. Of his artistic name, he says: “I’m Catholic and I believe in God a lot. Ever since I was little, I would leave everything in his hands. I feel that my faith is what has led my career.”

Age: 21

Recommended Song: “Hace Tiempo”

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