Lana Del Rey Announces ‘Arcadia’ Song Coming Next Week

The 36-year-old alternative-pop artist originally claimed her upcoming LP Blue Banisters would be released on July 4, but BB now has a TBD release date. “Album out later later,” she wrote in a July 3-dated update to fans on social media, where she shared the album artwork and a music video teaser for a new, as-yet-untitled single. Del Rey said the song, in which she can be heard singing “My body is a map of L.A./ I stand straight like an angel, with a halo,” will be “out soonish.”

Del Rey’s latest photo teasing “Arcadia” features her wearing the same pale yellow tank top and cardigan ensemble as in the video teaser for the upcoming single she mentioned. While she sings about places in California, including Sierra Madre, in the short snippet from July 3, it’s highly possible that the teaser was for “Arcadia,” which is a city in the San Gabriel Valley.

Check out LDR’s announcement below.

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