Kid Cudi Announces 1st ‘Entergalactic’ Single ‘Do What I Want’

Kid Cudi is ready to enter the Entergalactic era. Cudder took to social media on Tuesday (June 7) to kick off the ethereal album’s rollout with the first single announcement. Look for the Take A Daytrip-produced “Do What I Want” to hit streaming services on Friday (June 10).

“DO WHAT I WANT’ Friday  its all happening… the beginning,” he wrote. “Do What I Want was the first song I did w Day Trip and I locked in w them heavy shortly after to make MOTM3. Im really happy ull finally get to hear it.”

The project is set to accompany the Entergalactic Netflix series coming later in 2022, which he’s deemed as the “greatest piece of art” he’s ever created.

“ENTERGALACTIC is the greatest piece of art Ive ever made,” he declared on Twitter in January. “I am so sooo fuckin proud of this show. U have no idea what ur in for. 3 years in the making. Id say watch the show first then consume the album.”

The album will arrive the same day as the series premieres on Netflix, but it’s still unknown when that will be later this year. The Ohio native is imploring fans to watch the show first and then dive into the soundtrack.

Kid Cudi Calls ‘Entergalactic’ His ‘Greatest’ Work Yet: ‘U Have No Idea What Ur In For’

In other Cudi news, he was one of the keynote speakers at the 2022 Youth Anxiety Center’s annual dinner on Monday night (June 6) in New York City.

Kid Cudi has been open about his battles with depression and anxiety throughout his career and many of his fans have credited Cudi’s music with helping them in their own mental health battles.

“Before I actually had therapy, the music was there for me. It was the perfect way to express myself and feel safe doing it,” he shared.

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