Kelly Ripa Reacts to Kathie Lee Gifford Saying She Won’t Read Her Book

Kelly Ripa only has two words for those who aren’t interested in reading her book: Thank you.
The Live With Kelly and Ryan host detailed her complicated relationship with late co-host Regis Philbin in her book, Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories. After her memoir was released in late September, Kathie Lee Gifford—who served as Regis’ co-host for 15 years until 2000—shared that she wasn’t interested in reading the book, adding that she knew “what Regis was to me.”
Now, Kelly is focused on being grateful on the audience that is interested.
“I am a person that tends to take a negative and turn it into a positive,” Kelly said during the Oct. 18 episode of the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast in reference to those who have expressed disinterest in the book. “And so, my ultimate comment is, thank you.”

She continued, “It’s like really hard to get attention on a book that’s been out for a couple of weeks, and now it’s week two, second week on The New York Times Best Sellers list.”

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