Kaitlynn Carter Says Spencer Pratt Spoiled Her Pregnancy Announcement to Brody Jenner

Kaitlynn recalled, “So I got a call from Brody, and he said, ‘What’s this news that you have that you’re not telling me? What’s the secret? There’s something going on. And of course, I wasn’t going to lie to him, you know? I just think that would be a s—ty thing to do.”

The new mom noted that she had always “planned to tell him,” saying, “He was one of the first people I wanted to tell anyway.”

Although Kaitlynn said she’s been told that she doesn’t “owe” Brody anything, she explained that they have remained friends even after calling it quits in August 2019.

As she put it, “I think that’s the problem in why people have a hard time maintaining cordial relationships with exes is because they can’t be bothered to have a mutual respect, to just think: ‘Maybe it would be polite to let this person know something that’s probably going to have somewhat of an effect on them emotionally.'”

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