Justin Timberlake Pretends to Work at Target in Hilarious Must-See Video

Target: Where you always seem to get more than you expected…

Like Justin Timberlake for a cashier. On Thursday, Aug. 19, TikTok user Douglas Anthony shared a throwback video of the “SexyBack” singer inside a Target branch in Colorado, jokingly scanning items such as Icebreakers and gum in a checkout line before putting them back on a shelf.

“Justin Timberlake said post this for the naysayers,” Douglas wrote, adding, “#hesaidnohateandhewillstartatiktok.”

Justin’s former *NSYNC bandmate Lance Bass joked in the comments, “This guy looks oddly familiar. I can’t place it.”

Justin, who wore a gray jacket over a blue shirt and wool winter beanie with the word “Montana” on it, later posted the video himself on his Instagram Story, writing, “Haters Gonna Say It’s Fake,” according to Entertainment Weekly.

“Everyone on here, that’s my cuz,” Douglass wrote. “Haters gonna say it’s…fake.”

The video has since gone viral, with more than 1.9 million views.

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