Jake Hoffman & Schuyler Fisk Reflect on Growing Up With Famous Parents

The midnight cowboy and the coal miner’s daughter left a lasting impression on their respective kids for all the right reasons.

Jake Hoffman, who is son to Dustin Hoffman, and Schuyler Fisk, who is daughter to Sissy Spacek, looked back on what it was like to grow up with a parent in the limelight while promoting their upcoming film, Sam & Kate.

For both of them, fond memories come to mind. As Schuyler exclusively told E! News, she and her mom Sissy “were very close” during her childhood.
“She’s just always been a really warm place to land for me and still is,” Schuyler said. “And I also think I am that for her. I just cherish this time as we’re getting older and our relationship is changing in so many beautiful ways.”

She added, “I’m really grateful that she’s my mom and my best friend.”

As for Jake, the 41-year-old has “so much respect” for his father not only as a dad, but also as an actor. In fact, he told E! News that one of Dustin’s own films once brought him to tears.

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