Inside the Outspoken Quiet Life of Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is free to return to Instagram any time.

Free, as in, there is no keeper of the royal rules looking over her shoulder, approving content. And also free in that we’re heartily inviting her to get back to it, publicly that is, none of this private-only-for-her-pals business. As the purveyor of lifestyle website The Tig before getting engaged to Prince Harry as well as an actress with plenty of devoted ‘gram fans, there’s no carefully curated account we’d rather see popping up in Stories.

Since posting their farewell to the Sussex Royal Instagram page in March 2020, Meghan and her husband of three years have offered rare glimpses of their life through others’ social media accounts, usually in association with their Archewell Foundation. Or, when the news is big—as in we’re-having-a-baby-big—they’ve gone with the tried-and-true announcement from their personal representative.

Meghan said during an official outing two years ago, when royal life behind the scenes was approaching peak unsustainability for her, that she didn’t read headlines about herself online or scroll Twitter, calling it a “much safer” way to live.

Still, it would seem as if a new verified Insta would be the logical next step now that she’s wearing so many hats: Mother of two, author, producer, activist, rustic homebody raising chickens in the backyard. But then again, if a person has Oprah Winfrey‘s reach at the ready, who needs social media to get her message across?

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