Inside Karlie Kloss’ Private World as Model, Activist, Entrepreneur and New Mom

“Another day, another hotel gym, another FaceTime workout with @kirkmyersfitness,” she posted while tackling a workout remotely with Dogpound founder Kirk Myers. Kloss, whose mantra tends toward the “strong body, strong mind” variety combined with a healthy dose of self-love, mixes it up with weights, boxing, yoga and Pilates, HIIT routines and whatever else keeps her from getting bored. She also ran the New York City Marathon in November 2017, her first-ever marathon, and her training sessions included scenic runs along the Seine in Paris, or the West Side Highway when she was home in Manhattan.

Her diet tends toward the low-carb, protein-and-veggie-heavy variety, but the exercise helps clear the slate for tacos, baking (especially around the holidays), trips to Imo’s Pizza when she’s back in St. Louis, pasta in Italy and, her great love, dark chocolate.

“It’s how I take care of my body, what I eat,” Kloss told Porter. “Not to an excessive point where I’m scared to gain a pound, but I have a long list of things that I want to accomplish and I need strength and energy to do that.”

In 2012, she partnered with New York’s famed Momofuku Milk Bar to sell her vegan, gluten-free Karlie’s Kookies (the recipe is still in her Instagram Story highlights), with proceeds benefiting political scion and fashion world insider Lauren Bush Lauren‘s FEED Projects, which donates to organizations that provide meals for children in need.

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