How J Balvin Shed His Superstar Exterior to Show ‘José’ Underneath for New Miller Lite Campaign

“It’s really cool, this collaboration with a brand as respected and well known as Miller Lite,” J Balvin tells Billboard of the experience. “My brand is all about love and good energy and music. It’s a cool collaboration. We wanted to elevate the can and make it more fun so that you want to have it and collect it.”

“Every color brings some type of energy,” he adds of the can’s brightly colored design. “Neon colors make you really want to grab the can and see the details. Also you want to drink it!”

Most importantly, the Miller Lite collaboration allows fans to get a peek behind the curtain of his dynamic on-stage persona and see the real José, a regular guy who loves his friends and family like the rest of us. “I’m trying to be myself as an artist but I’m also more focused right now on José,” J Balvin explains. “What I love about this campaign is, yes, it’s a collaboration with J Balvin but the name of the collaboration is ‘Es José Time,’ which is what I’m really into right now. Really focused on José and what makes me happy.”

“I’m really getting to know me, because I’ve been so caught up on J Balvin that I started to forget about José,” he continues. “That’s what I love about this campaign. It’s showing my human side, chilling with my friends and being a normal guy.”

So much so, that in a new promotional video for the campaign, J Balvin takes over a traditional bodega in New York, where he surprises fans at the counter — showing off his goofy, personable side.

Starting on Tuesday (Aug. 10), fans from select states have a chance to win one of the new cans plus some swag by visiting Through the campaign, Miller Lite will also help support bodegas, corner stores, and other similar Latino-owned businesses with a $50,000 donation for Accion Opportunity Fund. The nonprofit provides affordable capital, educational resources, coaching, and networks to small business owners and advances racial, gender, and economic justice.

Enjoy your summer by buying a 12-pack of Miller Lite with one-hour delivery on Drizly here.

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