Hong Kong’s Jiggie Boy A.K.A. ‘JB’ Invites You To ‘Play’ At Live Concert

Hong Kong-based rapper, graffiti artist, dancer and co-founder of Greytone Music, Jiggie Boy a.k.a. JB, is set to perform at his first concert entitled ‘PLAY’  this November 2 at Macpherson Stadium, Mong Kok. After selling out on the first day, another show date was added on the next day, November 3. The all-rounder artist has made a name for himself in the Hong Kong music scene, pioneering hip hop in particular for his innovative approach to his work. 

Being a Filipino born and raised in Hong Kong, the rapper celebrates pride for their vibrant culture and continues to represent his city’s countercultures that have defined his art. The prominent rapper cites the lived experiences of Hongkongers’ lives as a central theme in his music, bringing to light their distinct hip hop and street art culture across varied disciplines. 

Famed for incorporating Cantonese slang and highlighting the diversity of the Hong Kong cityscape in his music, JB is marking this career milestone with complete involvement in the preparations for the concert. From co stage design, art direction to choreography and music arrangement – JB is presenting an ode to his city through the show as an immersive experience you won’t want to miss. 

Details for the concert may be found below: 

‘PLAY’ – Jiggie Boy ‘JB’ Live in Concert

Show Date: 2- 3 November 2021 (Tue & Wed)

Show Time: 8:00pm

Venue: Macpherson Stadium, Mong Kok

Ticketing by: KKTIX https://greytone.kktix.cc/events/jblive2021-2

He released his latest single “我要玩” (I Want To Play)  just yesterday (October 28). Stream the single below: 

While you’re here, check out our The Glow Up episode on JB:

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